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Melissa & James: A Romantic Engagement Shoot at an Air Force Base in Charleston, SC featuring a Boeing C-17 (Preview)


December 28, 2013

Meet Melissa & James… A romantic and fun Air Force couple in Charleston, SC! We met Melissa for the first time at Vespa, a great Italian restaurant on Daniel Island. Considering James has Italian roots, it felt just right… When Melissa told us that James is a pilot and he flies the iconic Boeing C-17 and that they are an Air Force couple looking to do an engagement shoot at the Air Force base here in Charleston, SC, we were intrigued – If you have every travelled to Charleston, SC by plane, you would know why we felt this way because you are greeted with a row of absolutely beautiful and magnificent Boeing C-17’s parked alongside the runway when you take off or land at the airport! It had been a dream of ours to be able to one day be among those airplanes and be able to photograph them – Well, Melissa and James made our dreams come true! But the great part about all this is that this is the most sweetest and good looking couple ever – Both inside and out. The sacrifices that Air Force and military couples make to make sure we are all safe, this engagement session was extra special – We wanted to go above and beyond to create some memorable images that serve as dramatic and gorgeous art pieces. If you are looking for engagement photos at air force base, here is a little preview of our Air Force Base engagement shoot in Charleston, SC… Enjoy!

Air-Force-Base-Engagement-Shoot-with-Boeing-C17-in-Charleston-SC-by-Wedding-Photographers-in-Charleston-Fia-Forever Creative-Unique-Air-Force-Base-Engagement-Shoot-with-Boeing-C17-tail-in-Charleston-SC-by-Wedding-Photographers-in-Charleston-Fia-Forever Military-Couple-Air-Force-Base-Engagement-Shoot-with-US-Flag-Ring-Pilot-in-Charleston-SC-by-Wedding-Photographers-in-Charleston-Fia-Forever Romantic-Engagement-photography-Air-Force-Base-with-C17-Photography-Ideas-in-Charleston-SC-by-Wedding-Photographers-in-Charleston-Fia-Forever Boeing-C-17-Engagement-Photography-at-Airforce-Base-in-Charleston-SC-by-Wedding-Photographers-in-Charleston-Fia-Forever Artistic-Boeing-C-17-Cockpit-Engagement-Photography-at-Airforce-Base-in-Charleston-SC-by-Wedding-Photographers-in-Charleston-Fia-Forever

  1. carinda says:

    Love it!

  2. Lanny Mann says:

    Way to capitalize on the opportunity. Well done!

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