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Kellie + Nick – Charleston Engagement Photography – Part 1


March 31, 2013

Life is full of pleasant surprises – some of them unexpected, and that’s what makes them even more special. One day, a friend of ours mentioned to us that someone she knew was getting married in less than two months and that she needed to decide on a photographer real quick. As owners of a Charleston Wedding Photography studio, we asked the obvious question, “How can we help?”… Turns out that this beautiful bride-to-be had checked out our website and loved our work already and had been meaning to get in touch but wasn’t sure if we would be available on such short notice.

We met at a local Starbucks in Mt. Pleasant and from the moment we met, it felt like the perfect match – Kellie is a beautiful bride to be and a gem of a person! After spending most of the time talking about their big day, we learned that Kellie & Nick are also interested in an engagement shoot in downtown Charleston! We just knew we had to be their wedding photographers. After the fabulous meeting, we got into planning mode – Dates, wardrobe, locations… and for us, a challenge of shooting in a city that happens to be one of the top picks for destination weddings in the country, even for celebrities, where every city block has been photographed a million times – We wanted to make it extra special… Something unique… something different… We spent three full hours shooting non-stop – Enough for two entire blog posts!!! So, here we present to you, the first installment of a modern take on engagement photos in beautiful, classic Charleston, SC. Enjoy…

Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-1 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-2 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-3 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-5 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-6 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-7 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-8 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-9 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-10 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-11 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-12 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-4 Kellie-Nick-Charleston-Engagement-Photography-Ideas-13

Stay tuned for Part II – Coming soon!

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